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Communications Tool: Building Bridges

News from: Public Health Communications Collaborative

Since the start of the pandemic, what we’ve known about COVID-19 has continued to evolve, but all research points clearly to the benefits of vaccination, masking, and testing. Public health communicators can play a vital role in saving lives and keeping people healthy by focusing on the most important and factual information available through the use of bridging statements. 

Bridging statements can be an effective communications tool to stay grounded in core messages and build trust with fact-based messaging. The Public Health Communications Collaborative has created a new resource on how to use bridging statements effectively to build trust, acknowledge and answer tough questions, and combat misinformation in your communities.

 Building Bridges resource

COVID-19 Testing Toolkit

Now, every U.S. household can order up to four free COVID-19 tests through a new federal program, and at-home tests are covered by insurance. We have a new toolkit to help you answer questions in your community about the different kinds of COVID-19 tests when individuals should take a test, how to get free tests, and what to do after they get results. Find topline messages, answers to tough questions, and shareable graphics here.
 Building Bridges resource


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