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Ohio Groups Issue Joint Statement on Influenza Vaccination


December 2020

As Ohio has fully entered flu season and is now experiencing a significant increase in cases of COVID-19 across the state, it’s critically important Ohioans take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from seasonal influenza. Much of what protects from SARS-CoV-2 such as masking, social distancing and hand washing protects us from influenza. However, unlike COVID-19, Ohioans can take one more step right now- get their flu shot. Our organizations strongly remind and urge all Ohioans six months and older to get their flu vaccination as soon as possible. It’s not only in the best interest of their own health, it also protects your family, friends, neighbors. Moreover, reducing the incidence of influenza will relieve the additional burden on our healthcare system at a time when it’s nearing capacity caring for COVID-19 patients. COVID-19, flu, and the common cold have many similarities but there are some important differences too. Always contact your health care provider if you are sick enough that you may need care or to see if you should be tested for flu or COVID-19.

Flu shots are provided by local health departments, pharmacy chains, and primary care physicians. Please learn more by visiting our websites or that of your local health department.  To view/print statement, click here -  Joint Statement On Flu Vaccination December 2020 

Association of Ohio Health Commissioners                       Ohio Public Health Association

Ohio Association of Community Health Centers                Ohio Department of Aging

Ohio Department of Health                                                 Ohio Chapter, American Academy of                                                                                                      Pediatrics

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