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!!! TIME-SENSITIVE INFO: Governor Call Discussion/Testing Group Purchasing Survey/ODH Funding Survey

Governor Call, Monday, October 19 – planned discussion item:

After discussions with ODH Leadership on Saturday, the Board decided to lead a discussion with the Governor regarding Liquor Sales  Times:

              Beth Schweitzer, Seneca County, will lead off the discussion.

              Dave Covell, Lorain County, will follow up with more details.

After these two health commissioners speak, you are encouraged to speak about your local experiences on the topic.   PLEASE REMEMBER:  this is a complex issue with varying experiences across the state, so remember that there may be different opinions expressed. 

ODH Funding Survey – due back to ODH  5pm, Tuesday, October 20!!

It appears these survey results may be used to reallocate existing CARES Fund dollars to maximize the overall utilization of these funds before the current deadline of 12/30/20.

Important points:

  1. The focus of this survey are the 3 grants that end 12/30/20: CT20, CO21, RC21
  2. Based on your responses, your current awards for these grants may be revised (UP OR DOWN).
  3. MOST IMPORTANT POINT: If you have ANY COVID-19 response costs that you have not been able to reimburse out of these three grants given the current deadline (either because you ran out of funds in one or more of the grants, or the expense was not allowable), please use the questions 10-12 for each grant to list the types of activities AND the estimate costs that remain unaddressed.

Example 1:  The largest grant award is the CT20 grant.  Except for 25%, the rest must be used only for contact tracing and related activities.  If you have not been able to use more of those funds because of those restrictions, please be sure to make that comment in question #14, and be sure to list the total costs that cannot be included in this grant.

Example 2:  CO21 was the last grant issued, with budget revisions due 8/31/20.  If you have not yet submitted all expenses eligible under that grant (remember it is retroactive back to March!), be sure to include those amounts in questions 10-12, for any such expenses incurred anytime between March 2020 – December 2020. 

For all three grants, if you are able to estimate additional expenses anticipated after 12/30/20, please indicate those estimates in questions 13-15.  If you have other costs, either before or after the current deadline, that remain outstanding, please describe in question 16. 

Testing Equipment and Supplies – Group Purchasing Opportunity between AOHC and McKesson

In order to continue our contract negotiations with McKesson, we need to have some idea of the volume of equipment and supplies that might be purchased under the contract.   Please reply to this survey by the end of this week to indicate your initial interest.  You will not be obligated to purchase in exact accordance with your response – but we need your answers as we continue to work with McKesson!

Update on Mass Vaccination State Plan

The Board expressed AOHC’s request to share the plan, as submitted to the CDC, with LHDs in advance of it being publicly available.  We are awaiting the go-ahead from Lance Himes before distributing it out to all AOHC members.

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