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AFR Updates - Susan Tilgner

I wanted you all to have a few updates as we get closer to the May 1st deadline to submit the AFR. 

  • ODH already put in your population figure that you were supposed to enter from Page 6. You won't be able to change it. Just go ahead and enter the rest of the data from your spreadsheet on Page 6.  
  • Double check your figures on Page 5, attainment. Some folks are interpreting that the table should add to 100% for every capability. Most likely in Ohio, there won't be any health department that has the resources to meet 100% of every capability. Remember, this is an assessment of how you meet these based on the resources (funds) you have.  
  • Send your completed spreadsheet to IT DOES NOT GO TO ODH.

Let Susan know if you have questions - she will do her best to help.

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