Grants Coordinator

Toledo-Lucas County Health Department

Position: Grants Coordinator

Assignment Location:  635 N. Erie St. Toledo, OH 

Minimum Qualifications


  1. Coordinates the development, submission, and management of grant applications and awards. Ensures compliance with Health Department policies, procedures, and protocols, including submission of grant information to appropriate Board of Health Committees.
  2. Works in collaboration with Division Directors, Supervisors and other staff to identify funding opportunities and ensure eligibility/application requirements can be met for all grants applications.
  3. Coordinates information necessary for grant application writing, reporting, and completion. Consults with Health Commissioner, Fiscal Director, Human Resources, and others to discuss budgetary needs (including agency funding match requirements), equipment, and personnel needs to meet grant deliverables. Develops and monitors grant budgets.
  4. Coordinates the preparation and presentation of grant applications in accordance with established timelines and funding requirements, including preparation of proposal narratives justifying budgetary expenditures for approval.
  5. Approves purchase order (PO) requests, procurement card (P-Card) expenses, travel card expenses, reimbursements, etc. for grants. Reviews requisitions, conducts fund transfers, and assigns budget account strings.
  6. Prepares SEFA schedule of federal awards and other grant schedules as needed. Works with auditors annually.
  7. Acts as the financial coordinator for MAC as required.
  8. Assists in developing contracts with subgrantees and subcontractors.
  9. Completes journal entries for grants as needed and payroll adjustments for grant personnel.
  10. Assists with constructing and implementing financial policies.
  11. Produces monthly expenditure reports and invoices for reimbursement and deliverable based grants.
  12. Monitors grant timeline. Completes grant budget projections and forecasting to evaluate grant progress and assist staff with making informed choices regarding grant spending. Holds regular meetings, or as requested, with Directors and/or Supervisors regarding financial grant reports.
  13. Develops working relationships with funders or funding agencies.
  14. Prepares statistical, technical, and administrative reports. Collects and analyzes data to evaluate program effectiveness.
  15. Produces and maintains a calendar of grant activity and deadlines on the shared drive available to directors, supervisors, and program coordinators. Coordinates meetings and site visits with granting agencies
  16. Completes risk assessment for external grant subgrantees/subcontractor to ensure fiscal secure and compliance.
  17. Adheres to PHAB core competencies including, but not limited to: T1: 1.2.1, 1.2.3, 1.3.3, 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 4.1.4, 7.3.7, 7.3.8, 7.4.1, 7.5.1, 7.6.1, 7.6.2, and 7.6.3.
  18. Participates in quality improvement efforts and achieving PHAB accreditation requirements. This position will be responsible for using quality improvement (QI) processes and/or techniques to improve the effectiveness of the assigned public health program.
  19. Attends and participates in conferences, seminars, trainings, or related education classes as assigned.

 ADA Specifications:

This position is classified as Office -1 setting and performs a wide range of functions for the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department. Further information may be obtained from Human Resources.


The essential duties and responsibilities defined within this position description are not an all-inclusive list, but a general summary of purpose and primary function of the position. An individual employed in this position may be asked or assigned to perform a wide-range of related tasks, within the scope of the position, department/division, union affiliation, etc. as deemed appropriate by management.

Please email or mail cover letter and resume to:


Mail: Toledo-Lucas County Health Department

Attn: Human Resources

635 N. Erie Street

Toledo, Ohio 43604

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Department operates in accordance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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