Washington County Health Department







Washington County Health Department


Board of Health



Full-Time Position, Not remote/

 $25-28 per hour


Under direct supervision of the Board of Health, oversees the daily operation of the General Health District by providing direction for all departments, programs, and personnel.


●       Acts in supervisory and administrative capacity for all supervisory staff, sections and programs of the General Health District

●       Represents the General Health District and Board of Health (BOH) in local, state, and federal activities, meetings, coalitions, advisory boards, and to the media

●       Carries out all directives of the Board of Health and the Ohio Department of Health

●       With staff assistance, prepares grant applications for funding program operations as necessary

●       Attends Board of Health meetings, serving as Secretary keeping and maintaining minutes and reporting on the monthly administration of the Health Department

●       Enforces public health regulations within the General Health District

●       Informs the general public regarding matters affecting public health

●       Consults with the appointed Medical Director in all matters regarding human public health

●       Serves as Incident Commander, in absence of the Health Commissioner, for incidents of public health origin/emergency

●       Serves on the Health Department’s 24/7 response capability team, responsible for responding to the agency’s emergency call line on a rotating basis


●       Degree in public health or the equivalent degree in a related health field as determined by the Board of Health preferred.

●       Demonstrated work experience that would indicate knowledge and skills necessary to lead a public health agency will be considered in lieu of a degree.

●       Requires excellent management skills for an organization with multiple departments where each has unique goals and responsibilities.

●       Requires demonstrated experience that will deliver excellent financial and budgeting skills.


●       Ability to plan, implement and evaluate multiple initiatives or objectives within projected timeframes and track deliverables

●       Ability to communicate effectively and make public presentations

●       Ability to foster relationships with coworkers, collaborators, and the public

●       Knowledge of standards and practices within each department of the General Health District

●       Knowledge of personnel policy and procedures

●       Knowledge of basic math, accounting and business practices and procedures

●       Knowledge of grants administration and budgeting principles

●       Ability to recruit, train and sustain staff, community partners and volunteers

●       Ability to lead staff in work supporting the mission of the General Health District

●       Ability to utilize email, electronic calendars, word processing software, spreadsheets,

       databases and desktop publishing software

●       Ability to work independently and as part of a team

●       Ability to work quickly, precisely and accurately with detailed information

●       Ability to multitask, delegate, and think outside the box

●       Ability to develop and follow budgets in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines

●       Weekly activities for departments, programs, and reports

●       Develop and provide progress updates toward objectives forecast for week, month, and year

●       Ability to give and receive constructive criticism/communication with Board and staff

●       Assessing weekly activities of each department for the Board of Health

●       Ensure departments are on pace to meet all local, state, and/or federal standards

●       Identify and implement workflow improvements within current staffing arrangements

●       Recommends needed changes to workflow or staff to the Board of Health

●       Develop and provide departments with a workplan forecast for the week/month/1 year periods

●       Seek additional grant and funding opportunities and areas for potential growth for the department


●       Achieves defined annual goals.

●       Participates in General Health Health District’s Emergency Preparedness Drills and responses to actual emergencies as required.

●       Completes other duties as required by the Board of Health.


Job duties include primarily office work and occasional work in the field. This is a full-time position and is not remote. In-state travel is required.  Employee must have a valid driver’s license and access to a personal vehicle. Paid holidays, earned sick time, earned vacation time, medical insurance available, life insurance, options for tuition reimbursement, and some flexibility in scheduling.


To apply, submit Cover Letter, Resume and References via email at or In-Person or by Mail at 342 Muskingum Drive, Marietta, OH 45750. Position open until filled.


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