Social Worker

Toledo-Lucas County Health Department

Assignment Location: 635 N. Erie St. Toledo, OH

The Syringe Access (SAP) Social Worker/Clinical Counselor will help to develop, implement, and maintain the Lucas County SAP. This specialist will be responsible for conducting outreach services for PWID, understanding the harm reduction principles of the SAP, and providing sterile injection equipment and other health-related materials; facilitating referrals to mental health, alcohol, and other substance treatment; providing linkages to medical care; providing referrals for education and prevention services for injection and other drug use. This position will provide anonymous and confidential counseling and testing for HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV), and will work with clients to build awareness of blood-borne pathogen infection risks including services available to prevent infection. In partnership with the SAP Nurse, this individual will work at identifying and resolving problems, identifying resources, advocating on the individual client's behalf, managing appropriate services, completing applications, and acting as a liaison between different agencies and services.

Basic Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications:


Conducting outreach to distribute educational materials, sterile injection supplies and other safer drug use materials, and safer sex materials to PWID.

Working in conjunction with the SAP Nurse to plan, organize, monitor, and evaluate all aspects of the project.

Conducting risk assessments as required by programmatic, grant, and regulatory guidelines.

Demonstrating strict adherence to all Federal, State, and Local laws, regulations/guidelines; including HIPAA regulations, as well as grant requirements where applicable.

Performing case management activities for clients with complex, high risk social, sexual, and substance abuse issues, including PWID.

Making referrals and advocating for community services, education, and interventions to provide appropriate service and care coordination to maximize growth and development for at-risk population.

Assisting with developing, preparing, coordinating grant applications, reports, and grant related funding in order to sustain the SAP.

Monitors services and developmental plans to ensure appropriate client progress is made and that services are delivered in accordance with program guidelines.

Identifying, evaluating, and making the appropriate referrals for clients exhibiting significant social and emotional problems affecting their health status and contributing to their high risk behaviors.

Performing rapid HIV and Hepatitis C testing on clients and making the appropriate referrals for follow-up/treatment for individuals who testing positive.

Adhering to promoting, and educating clients, at risk populations, and the general public on the principles of harm reduction.

Assuring that all medical social services are provided to patients in compliance with professional standards.

Maintaining and submitting documentation as required, including any case conferences, patient/physician/community contacts, visit reports, progress notes, and conferring with other health care disciplines in providing optimum care.

Maintains and enhances clinical practice skills, as well as maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct in relation to confidential patient information.

Promoting vigilance in safe sexual practices and the use of condoms to minimize risk of HIV and other STI transmission.

Other Duties & Responsibilities: Answers phone, maintains databases, email lists, telephone networks, and other information to facilitate the SAP operations. Maintains confidential records in the field and accurate record keeping, and other duties as assigned.

Please email or mail cover letter and resume to:


Toledo-Lucas County Health Department

Attn: Human Resources

635 N. Erie Street

Toledo, Ohio 43604

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Department operates in accordance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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