Landfill Inspector– Registered Environmental Health Specialist -Full Time (40 hours/week)

Seneca County Health District

Position will be primarily responsible for conducting landfill inspections. Landfill inspections include visual and physical activities to inspect and evaluate comprehensively, whether or not the operations of the landfill are in compliance with landfill permit requirements. The ability to evaluate conditions and prepare written determinations of compliance or non-compliance. May perform additional environmental health and sanitarian inspections on various premises and systems to ensure compliance with applicable state and local environmental health standards.

 Performs landfill inspections to ensure public health and the environment are protected via
comprehensive assessments and the reduction of moisture entering the waste, litter control, odor
reduction, limiting bird and rodent access and the reduction of fire hazards.
 Ensures leachate collection system does not get compromised due to silt or mud clogs;
growth of microorganisms in the pipes; chemical reactions leading to the precipitation of minerals in the pipes; or the pipes become weakened by chemical attack (acids, solvents, oxidizing agents, or corrosion) and the system never becomes crushed by material piled on them.
 Monitors and analyzes leachate composition, collection, and flow
 Identify potential and actual nuisance issues
 Performs macro-invertebrate surveys to assess fauna indicators over-time
 Performs environmental health and sanitation inspections;
 Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to environmental complaints associated with the landfill and all emergencies that the health department would respond to
 Collaborates on environmental impact studies and air quality monitors and data analysis/reporting
 Actively monitors the double-liner system engineering and management to prolong the time prior to the liner leaking
 Conducts necessary field inspections; to minimize liner failure due to tension, water pressure blowout or uplift, slippage, or any elements in proximity such as access ways, pipes, or other structural components.
 Prepares written inspection reports and findings for inspections conducted;
 Review site plans for working face, lifts, and cells
 Review facility logs and paperwork
 Check for acceptance of approved waste types
 Conducts routine environmental health testing to determine compliance with appropriate standards;
 Schedules and performs routine required inspections of licensed or permitted locations;
 Issues all law or rule violations;
 Receives complaints and conducts timely investigations of complaints;
 Conducts consultations on environmental health and landfill matters with public officials, partners,
stakeholders, and the general public;
 Investigates disease and safety occurrences as directed;
 Properly inspects and evaluates monitoring and test sites;
 Assists in the preparation of environmental health ordinances and regulations for adoption by local governing agencies;
 Participates in emergency management cycle and professional development;
 Completes and maintains daily activity log;
 Trains necessary staff and supports the training and development of any RES: In-Training Staff.
 Performs necessary clerical tasks;
 Observes confidentiality of client and agency information.

 Maintains confidentiality, as required;
 Demonstrates excellent human relations skills in order to provide good customer service and work closely with other employees of the Health District;
 Willingness to, at times, work as a member of a team and demonstrate leadership skills in order to place the organization in a position of success;
 Ability to work independently and prioritize workload;
 Performs necessary filing and prepares necessary checklists;
 Prepare correspondence;
 Provide testimony, as required;
 Assists other sanitarians;
 Other duties as assigned.

 Must be a Registered Environmental Health Specialist from the Ohio State Environmental Health Specialist Advisory Board;
 A Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health, Environmental Health, Agriculture, or like field;
 Prior landfill experience that must include the performance of inspections and determinations of the condition of operational compliance with permits which govern landfills.
 Must possess a valid driver’s license, current auto insurance, and successfully complete background check at own expense prior to employment through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation as per Ohio S.B. 38. Further instruction regarding this will be given at time of offer.

 The Registered Environmental Health Specialist requires ability to work in both office setting and outdoors and be available for other travel as needed.
 Requires a flexible schedule, including evening, weekends, and holidays. Must be able to respond to emergency calls and available around the clock to respond to environmental complaints associated with the landfill and all other emergencies that may be associated.
 Must be able to work in environmental conditions exposed to rain, snow, wind, heat, and humidity.
 Must be able to work with uneven terrain, slippery surfaces, and heavy equipment operating in proximity while performing job duties.
 May come into exposure to hazardous materials, chemicals, or waste which if not handled or disposed of appropriately could cause significant repercussions to the safety and health of the public.
 Frequent high stress interactions with individuals and groups.
 Sitting, standing, walking, bending, kneeling, carrying 20-50 lbs.
COMPENSATION: This will be a 40 hour per week position paid at $29.50-$39.50 per hour. Pay is commensurate with experience.

TO APPLY: E-mail employment application located on our website, , cover letter, and resume with three references to Board of Health President Clay Wolph, DC c/o Vonnie Hartman at Position will remain open until filled.
Posted on 3/8/2024.

Seneca County General Health District provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics.

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