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The mission of AOHC is to provide exceptional service to its members and to advance the mission of public health to prevent, promote and protect the health of the community by developing and maintaining strong local public health leadership, forming strong relationships with local, state and federal public health stakeholders, and advocating for a strong and robust local public health system.


Leadership for healthy people and communities.


Public Policy Advocacy

AOHC speaks with a united voice to advocate for public health legislation and legislative change, in Ohio and in collaboration with other states. By gaining strength at the grassroots level and speaking from a common set of priorities, AOHC will affect change in legislation, which will in turn strengthen and build the capacity of local health districts.

  • The AOHC Board and members are educated and aware of current trends in public health and public health legislation.
  • The AOHC has a current legislative platform, developed through a structured and inclusive process with members.
  • The AOHC Board and members develop and maintain strong relationships with members of the State of Ohio executive administration, the Ohio General Assembly, and U.S. Congress and assures that these entities are knowledgeable about the positive role that public health plays on the health of all Ohioans.
  • The AOHC Board and committees are organized and structured to respond proactively to opportunities and threats in the public health environment and to effectively engage members in dialogue and action toward legislative change.
  • AOHC continually fosters its relationship with the Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and other state agencies, to advocate on behalf of members.
  • AOHC partners and collaborates with other public health associations to advance its mission and strategic priorities.

Professional Development

AOHC supports members through education, training, professional development, and mentoring.

  • AOHC provides opportunities for conferences and trainings.
  • AOHC organizes forums to increase opportunities for interactive learning and leadership development.
  • AOHC nurtures a diverse public health workforce.
  • AOHC provides a forum for the positive exchange of ideas and issues with its members.

Infrastructure & Development

AOHC’s internal organization is structured to be responsive to emerging public health issues.

  • The AOHC Board directs planning and policy, focusing on the most benefit for the Association, its members and the residents of Ohio.
  • The AOHC Board and Executive Director position the Association to have the optimum impact it seeks to achieve.
  • The AOHC strategic plan is implemented to allow time to accomplish the impacts.
  • AOHC works with local health commissioners, the Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, other executive departments and offices, and other public health professionals to streamline and modernize state and local public health programs or divest those that are out-of-date or ineffective.
  • AOHC communicates clearly and effectively with members, legislators, advocates and other public supporters.
  • AOHC continually updates its website to include information on its legislative platform and other member services.

Financial Stability

AOHC is fiscally sound, with adequate resources to accomplish the priorities of the Association.

  • AOHC develops and implements an accurate and sound financial plan, which includes a mechanism for financial planning and effective allocation of funds.
  • AOHC continues to raise funds to support the priorities and activities identified by the Board.