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Ohio's Life Expectancy Ranks Near Bottom in U.S.

New federal data released last week found life expectancy in Ohio is worse than 41 other states and is the lowest-ranked of the top 10 most populated U.S. states (Source: “Ohio's life expectancy among the worst in U.S.,” Axios-Columbus, Feb 17).

The average life expectancy at birth in Ohio is 76.9, according to 2019 state-by-state data released by the CDC last week. That is down about a full year since 2010. Ohio joins neighbors Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia in the low CDC rankings, along with most southeastern states.

The findings are consistent with those in HPIO's 2021 Health Value Dashboard, which ranked Ohio 47th on health value, a composite measure of population health and health care spending. The Dashboard identified three key factors for Ohio's low ranking: childhood adversity and trauma, systemic inequities, and sparse spending on public health and prevention efforts. 

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